Meet the miniature builders, Olof and Eve Anderson

This photograph was taken in another historic home,
The Watson House Inn, South Windsor, Connecticut
Photo credit:: Yasuko Whitesell


There are several people we want to thank for their tremendous help and support in this project. One of the most helpful for furnishing the house was Jamie Lucas of Jamie's Miniatures in Belfast, Maine. Jamie had contacts for clothes and curtain making, and she was the supplier of approximately 80% of the items found in the house. She worked long hours trying to find items that were the closest match  to the ones in our home and we are very grateful for her terrific help and friendship.

The original shell was built in Union, Maine, by boat builders/ carpenters  Stephen and Thomas Wason.

Ginger Graham made many of the best food items plus the blue handled clothes iron. She gave us some of the initial advice about diluting paints and putting on many layers so as to avoid brush marks that would have been seen had we used paint at its full strength. She was also our teacher in how to assemble bookshelves, what needed to be painted before assembling and how to basically glue and finish miniature constructions.

Galo Hernandez, III,  was  a huge help in getting us "unstuck" when we found a problem we could not easily  resolve. He cleverly  thought of many ways we could accomplish what seemed impossible when we first approached a particular problem. He was also the man who built the mail box, the date plaque, the two living room ceiling light fixtures and the kitchen sink faucet set. He was also the person who carved the toilet seats. His innovative ideas were of great value throughout the entire project.

Carl Woods of Crestwood Kitchens in Rockport, Maine, donated the materials for making the fireplace mantles.

Marty Reed of The Personal Bookshop in Thomaston, Maine donated the picture calendars we used to construct the books.

Maureen Barnard used her knowledge and skills, as well as her special files, to reverse the tanks on the toilets that were facing the wrong direction.

Christopher Dodsworth took several of the photographs used on the Web site and also was  a huge help in assisting us in setting up the house once we finally got it moved to Michigan.

So many friends and neighbors supported our project simply through their interest and understanding when we  worked on it instead of joining them for outings and other events when we were under pressure to get a certain parts completed before we ran out of favorable weather. We could not do any of the wood construction once it got too cold to work on our three season back porch. Their interests and constant questioning kept us motivated to get things completed.

And of course  we must mention our granddaughter, Rachel, who made many phone calls to us, from her home in Michigan, regarding the project. She  reminded us to not "forget" to add certain things she liked in our  real house such as a pitcher with "Grandma's special lemonade" and three fuzzy cats and particular items such as the tiered cookie server and a sterling silver gravy ladle she favors. On her annual inspections of our progress she was always so enthusiastic and it is for this reason that we worked so long and hard to accomplish the project before we got too old to work to complete it.   


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