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This makes my life all worth while! Thanks.
Jamie of Jamie's
Miniatures in Belfast, Maine

What an awesome project you have completed.  After visiting your website, I am speechless.  Even after seeing the dollhouse when almost completed, I am still "blown away" by what you both have accomplished.  What an immense undertaking,  completed in a most professional and detailed manner.  The website coverage is most impressive and really makes one feel as if they are actually viewing the piece, not to mention  it is most informative for others wishing to follow your example. 

Kudos!  And thank you for sharing the wonderful gift to your grand daughter -- an heirloom that will be treasured and handed down long into the future.  Your home is one lucky house to have found you for its care.
Peggy, Thomaston, Maine

I am SO glad you put this website together -- while it's hard to do justice to the real thing  (and I am so privileged to have seen it in person) -- this gives you a sense of the care and perseverence you and Olof took to make this amazing creation.  I loved looking at the detailed photographs and while some of the construction methods eluded me, I really liked seeing the wallpaper and tile patterns.  I keep wondering whether you feel a sense of relief that's it's completed or do you miss the all-consuming work on the project??

 I sent the website address to a dear friend of mine in NJ who designed and built a beautiful Victorian house in Montclair just a few years ago -- and is also a wonderful quilter and seamstress.  I know she will be fascinated to explore the dollhouse!

Carole, Rockland, Maine

You had sent me some photos of the dollhouse earlier - and I thought they were impressive.  But the finished product is -WOW!.  You guys really did a job of it.  I hope you get a bunch of viewers, because it's really an interesting and impressive tour.  Many thanks for sending it.  Are there some dollhouse sites you can post your url at , so others who do that kind of thing can see it?

Brian & Meredith, Salado, Texas

I am currently building a doll house for the first time.  My two daughters talked me into it.  I usually build jewelry boxes or high end picture frames.  I have been reading the posts from small stuff and today I came across your post.  I tell you #1 that I usually would not take the time to write something like this, but OH MY..what a doll house. I reviewed every page of the web site and was more amazed at each view.  To make a long story short my hat is off to you.  VERY WELL DONE and I hope to do so well. 

Thank you for the inspiration

Eric, Clarks Summit, PA

I would love to get a copy if the wallpaper program and you are more than welcome to make my appreciation public.


I just love the dollhouse you built for your
granddaughter.  It is such a treat to see a cape built into a dollhouse.
I have ridden through Thomaston many times and I'm trying to remember if
I noticed the real house.  I do remember the Gothic style church. 
I'm currently decorating a saltbox I purchased from a friend which was
made 25 years ago.  It is immaculate and you would never know it's that
old.  I also have a reproduction of the Vassall-Craigie-Longfellow House
in Cambridge, MA.  The exterior is complete and I'm going to be working
on the interior this coming year. 
I will bookmark your site and look at it frequently.  Congratulations on
building such a wonderful dollhouse.
Emily,  Maryland

 It is Christmas morning and we just had the wonderful
experience of viewing your incredible house. We spent
hours and haven't even had breakfast we were so
fascinated by the completed house and all the detail.
Thank you so much for documenting your planning and
construction over the years. Is there a book
We will come back to your site later - we have to get
the turkey in the oven for dinner.
Thank you for sharing. It was a wonderful gift.

Take care and have a Merry Christmas,

Jason and Jacqueline ( formerly of Ann Arbor,Michigan)


I followed your link from Smallstuff to the abovementioned site for a virtual tour (and educational one too) through the process of development of this marvellous house.

I was totally intrigued by the planning and various stage developments that went into the pre-production stage of each article.  Being a perfectionist myself to when it comes to down-scaling items, eg the heavy grains of wood for certain items, it is pleasing to know that I am not an odd-ball at all.

I appreciate and admire the time and effort you all put into bringing to life this beautiful house and realise that not only are having the right tools necessary but also skill, experience and patience.

I am sure Rachel will treasure this beautiful gift of labour and love for the rest of her life and have a wonderful story to tell her children one day about how it was built and by whom.

Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us.

Best wishes over the Festive Season and for 2007.

Kindest regards

Shirley, Hobart, Australia

I saw your link to your house on Small Stuff and so enjoyed your replica.
I am doing a replica of the house on the Little House on the Prairie TV
show, so I know some of the challenges of trying to recreate something in
real life. Your house is very beautiful.

I did have one question. In the West Living room, I can see a small
outlet and plug which look in scale for minature homes. Where did you get
them or what brand are they? I have been looking everywhere for some.

Thank you for your help and congratulations on a beautiful job well done.

Susan Fiet

Hi, what a great web site.... It took well over an hour to soak it all in.. What good foresight to document it all during the long journey.. I recognized many of the rooms from our visit, tho a few areas looked different from when we were there...  The biggest being, there was no doll house sitting at the foot of the beds in the guest room...  Happy New Year...
ted and jean, Latham, NY


Thank you so very much for a memorable tour of your home in miniature!  It
was such fun to see the dollhouse in its entirety.  Your work is
fantastic-the attention to detail amazing.  Thanks so much, I plan to pass
along the address to others.  A pure delight!  Happy Boxing Day! 
Sheilagh, Thomaston, Maine

What a wonderful house. I have spent hours looking at your work. It is just wonderful.

Thankyou for sharing.

Your Grand daughter is a very lucky little girl,


Faye    (from Australia)

Your web site is wonderful as well, well done.


Well, I can't say it makes anyone's life worthwhile  (God does that!) but
it is a wonderful dollhouse. Totally amazing project!  Good job! Thanks for sharing.


I saw your dollhouse in smallstuff.
Thought it was great.

Jacqueline in NJ

I just took the tour.  The house is amazing and a true work of art.  Thank
you for sharing an obvious labor of love.  It is Christmas morning and I
feel like I have been given a wonderful present. One of my goals is to
enjoy the rest of my life, and I wish the same to you. Thanks,
Joanne, New Carrollton, MD

I was truly amazed by the historic miniature house. I have a small
dollhouse miniature related website where I feature and showcase my
favorite dollhouses, and I would love to do a little write-up about your
historic home, with your permission. It will be a small
introduction on the house and will direct my readers to your site if they
want to read the wonderful details behind the creation. I would like to
ask for your permission to use some of the photos from your website in my
article. I will not sell or reproduce the photos or use them for
commercial purposes. After I write the article, I would send you a link,
and will edit anything that you feel needs to be changed. I hope you give
me your kind permission,

I have just spent a lovely hour looking at your new website and learning more about THE dollhouse. I congratulate you for your imagination and perserverance.!

 It was fun to read about the little details....and the humor is perfect, speaking to the joy involved in this creation.

 And how incredibly special for granddaughter Rachel..............

 Kerry, Thomaston, ME

What a tour de force! Congratulations to all involved, and thanks for sending me this link. Incredible!

Kit, Camden, Maine

This is truly amazing,  I cannot believe the talents in the Anderson family.  I hope some day to see the original and the replica.  Pretty soon you will be one of the highlights of a tourist visit to Maine!

 Happy new year.

 Tom, West Rockport, Maine


What an absolutely fabulous dollhouse!  It is nice to see it completed.
The photos of each room with the descriptions are so thorough and
interesting.  What a work of art!!!!! This beautiful work would be a natural
for the PBS station to feature.  I've never seen such beautiful workmanship
...the rugs and other details are wonderful.    The only problem I had was
getting the pictures of the flooring but the descriptions of how you treated
the various woods with the "phony" dirt in the cracks were very clear to me.
You two are so clever.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful art piece with
me (and many others).
Deborah,  CA

The love that you have put into this project is testimony of your love for your daughter and granddaughter.  It is early hours of the morning here in South Africa and I have been enthralled for several hours looking at every page of your website and admiring the dollshouse.  What an acheivemnet. Congratulations.

I hope that you have signed it in several places so that, like your front door, future generations can give credit where it is due.

I would like to send you a miniature book to lie open somewhere in the house and invite you to visit my web site and choose a book that you feel will best suit the setting. (Mrs Beetons and Struwelpeter are 2 of the smallest).  Then e mail me at this address with a postal address so that I can send it to you.  I would be honoured to have something made by me in such a house.*

 Nowhere is credit given for the creator of the webpage who I feel also deserves mention.  Well done to you for keeping an accurate photo journal of the progress.

I can visualise the setting of the real house having been fortunate enough to visit Guild School in Castine as a scholarship student in 2006.  It was such a beautiful spot that I was prompted to ask someone why the whole world was not settled there and the reply was "Because you have not been here in winter!"

Best wishes

Barbara, South Africa



     I came upon your note in Small Stuff this morning and have just spent a most enjoyable hour touring your wonderful dollhouse.  It is a most impressive and very welcoming home and your attention to detail fills me with awe and admiration!  Thank you so, so much! I enjoyed the plans and the steps you followed to arrive at such a satisfactory result and will, if you do not mind, copy your bookbinding process among others.  Really a delightful gift of an hour of time spent in another place and time!

Elsie,  Santa Rosa, California


What a joy this has been to take a tour of your lovely mini home...Wonderful work!!!!Everything is perfect..

The house reminds me so much of a home we lived in for a short time in Millbrook,NY..I loved that house..The next one I do in mini will be some kind of Cape I think with cottage style interior..I am really getting burned out on my Victorian..I will send you the link to my pictures and you can see what I'm doing mini wise plus my kits..I see you are also a cat lover..

You have a great day and thanks again..I'll keep checking the site..

Cindy Norwood, NY


wow incredible! congratlations.

By the way my book "The Lost years" is finished the author submitted 1st 4 chapters to an agent in New York.

I think we will print the book in China, our goal is to have it in every airport in the country!

Wishing you a great new year in 2007!!!! may it be your best.

some pictures from yesterday.

Nadia , Arizona

Simply extraordinary



Like your daughter Elizabeth, I went to college in
1977 and left a fabulous Steak Family tudor dollhouse
behind that my mother purchased for me at a miniatures
show in
San Francisco the same year. Thirty years
later, I have begun building my four daughters their
own dollhouses. My lovely tudor dollhouse is long
gone, given to a family with three daughters many
years ago, before I had children.

In any case, I want to compliment you on your
productive and generous use of your time for the
fifteen years you constructed the miniature house. It
is exquisite, to say the least. In fact, in so many of
the photos I could scarce believe that I was NOT
looking at a real house. Your attention to the tiniest
details is incredible and inspirational. What a gift
to your precious granddaughter. I have no doubt that
she is tremendously grateful for this priceless gift,
which represents far more than the actual house that
you gave to her. What a tangible sign of your love for
both your daughter and your granddaughter.

I spent a long time reading each and every word you
wrote on the website. Has a home decorating magazine
expressed interest in an article about The Captain
George W. Robinson Miniature House? What a fascinating
article that would be for anyone interested in
historic architecture and design. Have you considered
writing a book detailing the techniques and materials
you used to make your house? I have bookmarked your
website in my bookmarks bar (keyword "
Cape Cod") and
plan to visit it often. How you created the wallpaper,
the floors, the cabinetry, each and every window and
door! Extraordinary! And I must say that what you
wrote about miniature toilets is so true (I always try
to hide them in corners under roof gables just to
reduce the impact of their clunky, out-of-scale
proportions). But what I found the most fascinating
were your gorgeous Indian Shutters. That those
shutters worked so smoothly,  were so elegant looking,
and they fit into their pockets effortlessly is
astounding. Thank you so much for creating your
beautiful little house and sharing the story behind
it's construction in such depth. I will visit your
website again and again to see the final stages of
it's completion. God bless you both and have a very
Happy New Year.

Gratefully Yours,

What a very wonderful house. Both the mini and the 'maxi' one. I enjoyed
the  pictures and reading about the house.

Have a good New Year



Wonderful house(s)!  I wish I could live there.  Either house!  Thank you for showing them to us.

 Joanne W.


Hello! Thank you so much for posting the link to this fabulous recreation!! I'm ready to move in - I'm serious!! :0)  I don't even know where to start but off the bat my favorites are the wonderful wide board floor planks upstairs, the wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom, the twin bed bedroom, the library, AND the kitchen in its entirity! I love how you made the curtains look like they're blowing in the breeze, too.  You really have a spectatular dollhouse here and I sure hope that Rachel is old enough not to add bright pink and purple paint effects here and there (haha!) :0)  THanks again for sharing!

Amy in

This evening I took the online tour of your dollhouse and I'm impressed beyond words. I can't imagine the hours of work required to turn out such a work of art.  I remember seeing the dollhouse under construction while at your house doing some electrical work a few years ago and at that time being very impressed with the scale and detail involved. 

I spent 2 hours on the site and I must return later as I only got as far as the floor laying on the construction section.

In fond admiration,

Elwyn, Thomaston, Maine

I just took the tour again of your miniature masterpiece. You are definitely in the annals of very special artists and creators. The explanations are unbelievably detailed and helpful for any tour. Congratulations

Ricki, Maryland


I found out about the dollhouse through a Christmas card you sent to my
I always enjoy looking at his X-mas cards and yours
was one that really caught my eye.  Dad proceeded to tell me it was a
picture from the dollhouse you built for your granddaughter
Rachel.  I
copied down the website and couldn't wait to get home to see your amazing
First, I must tell you that I have always loved your house since I was a
little girl.  I grew up in Thomaston on
Wadsworth Street, in the house
that my parents built together and my dad still resides there.  Everytime
I drive by your home I find myself slowing down to admire it again and
again as you keep it looking so beautiful.  I have never  been inside but
always envisioned it looking as lovely on the inside as it is on the
outside.  Now after touring the dollhouse I feel I have now visited your
beautiful home.  I haven't checked everything out on your site yet but
plan to visit often to read the entire story and details.  
Thank you so much for sharing the history of your beautiful home and
miniature creation.  I admire your patience, creativity, and endurance
throughout the fifteen years to see your project completed.  I too feel
you have given me a special gift.
Tenants Harbor, Maine

It was a wonderful experience to spend an hour or so, wandering around the
virtual doll's house. I remember so well, staying in the guestroom, and I
was stunned at the beauty and faithfulness of your reproduction. All the
best in enjoying life in the real thing!

Alan and Shirley, Australia

I just visited the website. It really is amazing. As far as I could tell, the photos could almost all have been of the actual house I visited. It's also wonderful that you documented the process of creating the dollhouse so thoroughly.

Thanks a lot.

New York City


I just toured your house. It is unbelievable. I could spend such a long time
on the website. That is great.

Dear Amazing People,
    Wow! You have done an incredible job with this project. I am 
truly inspired. I lived in an 1890 Brownstone on NYC's
Upper East 
or 21 years--it had originally been a (very wealthy) family's 
home. I had Indian Shutters just as you've made--although I never 
knew they were called that. I cannot believe that you used plaster 
and lath to build the walls, tho I haven't read that whole section 
yet. It must weigh a ton, but what an amazing thing to have done, 
truly. My most humble congratulations--and thank you so much for 
taking the time to document your every step on this web site. It's 
more educational than a week in Castine! (LOL) You've made me feel 
that anything is possible, with enough determination, care, practice, 
patience--oh, and talent doesn't hurt! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
All the best,

Eve, I've just been looking at the doll house and it's fantastic.  I can't get over how authentic everything is, and the research you have used.   Thanks for sharing it with me.  


Dear Evie and Olof,

 Although it took me a month to do, I finally was able to set aside enough time to enable me to explore your fascinating website with most, though admittedly not quite all, of the attention it requires and merits.

 My reaction:  An ambitious, multi-faceted and thouroughly engaging project, far more complex than I had imagined, brilliantly conceived and meticulously executed!  A tour de force for which both of you deserve high praise and most enthusiastic congratulations!


New York

I have just had a tour of your unbelievable creation.  How beloved

Rachel must feel. You are the most energetic, creative, dedicated and

generous grandparents I have ever met.

What a role model the two of you are too for lucky Rachel.  You

undertook a most laborious and challenging endeavor and saw it

through with intelligence, humor and devotion to the end - well you

are both still working on the house - but you will complete it - that

is for sure.

 The website is amazing and also a most generous gesture to all who

dream of creating a dollhouse.  You offer your experience and expertise.


Dear Eve and Olaf,

 There are no words to describe what I have just viewed! Absolutely outstanding and unbelievable! What workmanship! What talent! What patience! What persistence! A perfect match to your lovely home!

 Thank you for sharing.



Hello Eve and Olaf,

I met you yesterday at the 4th of July parade. I was sitting on your fence!!! I was so impressed with your  graciousness. Checked out your website today and was totally amazed at the dollhouse. It is the most meticulously constructed piece I have ever seen!!!! There have just got to be tv shows that would LOVE to highlight it. What an incredible piece of art ,creativity and love you have given to your grand daughter.

Best regards,



Dear Eve and Olof,

I met you just briefly during the 4th of July parade. You had been talking with my sister Dottie Anderson. She just sent me the link to your AMAZING work. I'm looking forward to visiting the entire site to see how on earth you accomplished this incredible masterpiece. Question: Has Bill Green ever done a story on you and the house? I think it would make a great piece for the local evening news. Keep up the good work! Best regards,


 I have just spent a lovely 2 hours looking at your website

and it makes me want a doll house even more. I have always

wanted one and hope to one day have one as exquisite as yours.

I thank you  for letting me view your website and I hope your granddaughter

enjoys it a lot.

Heidi, Thomaston, Maine


Finally took the time to go through your historichomeinminiature website.  Really Marvelous!  Admire your efforts, talent and dedication, and what a fantastic result. Much belated congratulations are due the two of you.  What a treasure to be able to pass on to your granddaughter.

Ardsley, NY 

Besides being the two most patient and detail oriented people in the world, you and your husband have wonderful taste!  I scrolled through your site with my husband Rick looking over my shoulder and as we peeked inside all the rooms he was convinced that we were looking at photos of the real house - NOT the doll house.  We both are completely in awe of the work that you've done and the love and care and creativity that went into the details.


It is truly a fabulous thing you have done. I don’t think I have ever met such adventuresome people. You think nothing of tackling jobs that most others would judge impossible.

 Carol & Jim, Cushing, Maine


I went to your doll house website – oh, my goodness!!  I want to live in that house – it’s gorgeous!  The time and fine detail that went into it, it’s just amazing.
Deborah,  Maine

ISaw the dollhouse on the Web. Most imprressive! What a great job you did.

Bob &  Judy
Branford, Connecticut




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