This beautiful book was a gift from Barbara Brear of Somerset, South Africa.
To compare size, the book is pictured  next to an American nickel (a five cent coin)

Gifts to the Dollhouse

The book donated by Barbara Brear is Grey's Anatomy, a book familiar to Rachel because her father is a physician and there is a full size copy of this book in her home. To see other books by Barbara please go to her Web site at  http//

Barbara's work is extraordinary and her selection of books is quite wide ranging in interest from children's books to the Bible. There is a book to  delight each person no matter what his or her interests happen to be.

The book shown is open to a particular page, but Barbara has recently begun making books with all pages capable of being turned and read. Her creations are of exceptional quality.


The period fly swatter  in this photograph was donated by friends Frank and Susan Devlin
  of  Summit, New Jersey.



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